Sonic antifouling
Električna oprema

Durability and lifespan of antifouling solutions

Nautical antifouling is an important task for every boat owner. It is crucially involved in keeping the vessel in shape, especially in times of a prolonged pause in activity. To ensure the best possible lifespan, as well as the best possible performance of the boat, you have to select the best antifouling solution, which also has its own durability and lifespan limited. Which options offer the most in this regard?

Modern solutions

The best bet might be the modern antifouling solutions. Electronic antifouling is fundamentally different in comparison to older techniques that rely on ablative chemical coatings. It is easier to maintain and preserve electronic antifouling components – they are made to last, while the ablative coatings are specially made to decay with use.

Older coatings should be frequently reapplied, maybe even every season. Not only because they are made to disintegrate, but also because they are in constant contact with the water and the marine life, providing effective antifouling with breaking off and destroying the layer of foul material. Electronic antifouling systems work differently and can provide better durability and longer lifespan. Especially sonic antifouling solutions are known for their longevity – they work from within the vessel, not taking the risks of water exposure and threatening marine life. Sonic antifouling works with propagating electromagnetic blasts through the hull, which creates microscopic vortices that keep the marine life off the surface of the hull. Their lifespan is limited by the durability of electronic components. That means a good sonic antifouling system can offer decades of use, if it’s properly installed and used. The manufacturers and sellers are confident of the durability of electronic antifouling systems, so they offer long warranty periods, covering possible failures. Of course, it is paramount to keep the antifouling system safe from common threats, especially mechanical damage.

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