Explore the Soca river from Bovec

Explore the Soca river from Bovec

The Soca valley is well known and popular tourist destination. Even though it’s relatively small, it’s important to pick the best possible starting point for all kinds of activities you might have in mind. The public transport can be a bit tricky and you don’t want to waste your time finding the activities and other offer while you’re enjoying your free time.

The best starting point for most visitors would be Bovec, especially for those that want to explore the Soca river on a boat of any kind. In Bovec, rafting is the most popular activity – this means that it’s not hard to find the best tours and other offer for rafters. Many of the agencies that organize the tours are situated in Bovec, rafting is very convenient this way. There’s everything that you might need in one place – organized and guided tours, transport to and from the river (which is very close nearby anyway), even equipment rentals. It’s definitely the best starting point for such adventurers, that’s why they will choose Bovec. Rafting is done on other parts of the river as well, and other towns can have good offer, so they are worth checking out if you want to avoid the crowds.

If you want to explore the river with a kayak, Bovec will have you covered as well. Just as with rafting, Bovec is a great place to find a kayak – Bovec has several agencies that organize complete tours, as well as providers of equipment and transportation. As this activity is more popular with experts that know what they are doing, it’s good to have the option of customizing the experience with a kayak. Bovec offers everything you might need, no matter if you’re an expert kayaker or a beginner. 

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