Rafting Bovec Soca

Everything to do on the Soca River

If you want to experience everything the Soca River offers, the best place to be is Bovec. The town offers an opportunity to try and of course enjoy all kinds of different adrenaline activities, along with more subdued options for families or careful visitors.

Let’s start with rafting. Bovec, Soca River, and other sights make rafting a unique experience even before setting foot on a boat. That’s why it’s recommendable to chose for rafting Bovec – Soca itself is great and offers all kinds of programs, with the tourist agencies adding their share with great guided tours. No wonder it’s one of the most popular activities and also the best place to be for rafting. Bovec, Soca and other factors make it unforgettable, while the professional execution of guided tours makes it enjoyable.

It’s very similar with kayaking, another popular option to explore the river and have fun doing it. Again, there are guided group tours as well as solo adventures available, no matter the program the environment stays absolutely breathtaking.

If you want to explore farther away from the limits of the River Soca, canyoning might be for you. On Soca, canyoning wouldn’t really offer much, it’s better to do this activity in narrow canyons and gorges of many of the river’s tributaries. And that’s exactly what the tourist agencies in Bovec offer – Soca canyoning enables the adventurers to discover other hidden parts of the land.

Speaking of discovering the hidden gems, paragliding might offer the best chance to do that. After all, you have a nice view of the whole land, from the high snowy peaks of the Julian Alps all the way to the coast. But of course, this activity is only suitable for those not afraid of heights!

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